Could the 90/180 day rule for Brits in Spain be about to change?

Written by Mat Marsden

Mathew works in the news team and has been living in Spain since 2005

January 10, 2024

Could the 90/180 day rule for Brits in Spain be about to change?

In a significant development for British citizens who dream of spending more time in sunny Spain, the Spanish government is considering extending visa durations for UK travellers. This potential change follows the end of the Brexit transition period, which witnessed the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

With this news, Brits could soon have the opportunity to prolong their stay in the vibrant Spanish cities or relax on the country’s picturesque beaches for an extended period. This update presents an exciting prospect for those seeking a longer-term or seasonal getaway in Spain.

The discussions surrounding visa extensions have gained momentum as a result of the close relationship between Spain and the United Kingdom. Historical and cultural connections, as well as the significant numbers of British tourists visiting Spain each year, have made this issue a priority for both nations.

What are the likely changes?

According to sources close to the matter, the Spanish government is considering the possibility of granting longer visa durations, specifically for British citizens. If approved, this policy change may allow UK travellers to stay in Spain for up to six months at a time, instead of the current maximum of 90 days within a 180-day period.

A longer visa duration would provide ample time for Brits to explore the diverse landscapes and immerse themselves in Spanish culture. Furthermore, it could potentially encourage more foreigners to invest in Spanish real estate or consider retiring in the sun-soaked regions of Spain.

Experts suggest that increased flexibility in visa regulations would not only benefit British individuals but could also contribute to the overall economic growth of the country. A longer visa duration could attract more British tourists, boosting the tourism industry, which has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

When could the changes be implemented?

Any changes to visa regulations would require negotiations and formal agreements between both governments. While the Spanish government is reportedly keen on moving forward with this proposal, the final decision rests on the completion of necessary diplomatic procedures.


In summary, the news of a potential extension to visa durations for British citizens visiting Spain has generated excitement and anticipation. If implemented, this change would offer more flexibility and freedom to UK travellers, empowering them to explore, invest, and enjoy the Spanish way of life for an extended period.

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