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Foxes are a fully registered Spanish legal & finance company.

We help property buyers purchase property all over Spain and the Islands.

How can we help you…

It isn’t always easy buying abroad, we can help make the process easier and protect you.

Check the legal status of the property

Check for debts and charges against the property

Check tax, utilities and community fees up to date


Does the property have all the correct planning permissions and licences?


Create and negotiate all contracts


Check property complies to environmental standards

Translate documents and liase with agents

use an expert

Private Purchase Agreement

Once all the necessary checks have been made and our legal team have provided you with the preliminary report, and you are happy to go ahead with the purchase, the next step would be to sign the contracto de arras (private purchase).

Once signed and the deposit paid, if you do not go ahead with the purchase you can lose your deposit, however, if the seller pulls out you are entitled to compensation, usually double what you paid if correctly negotiated.

Alejandra Palmero Labrac

Lawyer, Foxes

Purchase Contract

To complete the purchase you will need to sign the purchase deed (compraventa) Again, our legal team will ensure that this contract is in line with everything checked through the purchase process


If you are purchasing the property using a mortgage, then you will also sign the mortgage deed (hipoteca) Again our legal and mortgage team will have ensured this document has the same terms initially agreed.

Utilities & Taxes

Finally the property needs to be registered with the land register, and utility companies (gas, electric) need to be informed, which again we can help with.

Property Legal Report

Once our legal team have completed all the appropriate legal searches, we will prepare a comprehensive legal report, informing you on all of our findings.

Upon completion of the purchase, we will provide you with all the relevant documentation for the property and mortgage, and we can also help with any initial connections of utilities etc

  • Provide all relevant documentation and contracts
  • Coordinate with all relevant parties during the purchase/sales process
  • Check the title/ownership of the property
  • Check that the property has all the relevant licences
  • Complete and/or check the private contract detailing the terms and conditions of the sale on your behalf
  • Complete purchase before a public notary, either on your behalf or with you in person (this may incur extra costs depending on location)
  • Register/Check cadastral
  • Check cadastral and land registry for any discrepancies
  • Tax Registration
  • NIE Identity number application
  • Name change & connection of relevant utilities + any relevant community changes.


Due diligence…

The Foxes team are on the side of our customers, we do not take any money from third parties to help a property purchase!

When purchasing a property in Spain it’s vital to ensure that property has a clean bill of health, the time to unearth issues is before you have paid the deposit.

Speak to one of our team of experts.

Why use Foxes

We cover the whole of Spain – can manage much of the work online (while having a physical network through all regions of Spain) and we have years of experience. Regulated by both the Madrid and Malaga Colegio de Abagados we can help you with all aspects of your purchase.

without Alejandra, the sale would not have happened

Alejandra Palmero Labrac
Spanish lawyer at

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