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What is the process to securing a mortgage?

Complete application

Submit the relevant details the bank requires and your personal mortgage advisor will start the process with the banks

Receive offers

Depending on your circumstances you will receive a series of offers within a few days, and can make a decision on which to choose.

Legal checks and signature

Before signing our legal team will ensure your mortgage is ready to sign and there are no unforeseen charges or issues.

Some Important Questions Answered

Documentation, what you can borrow etc

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow depends on your debt to income ratio. Most Spanish lenders will not lend money if your combined outgoings (mortgages & loans) add up to more than 40% of your total income.

We have an in-house risk assessment team, that can help you understand what you can borrow. Get in touch here

Is there a fee to find out what I can borrow?

No, we do not charge to check what you can borrow, or even to get an official offer from one of our lenders. We only charge if you decide to accept an offer from the bank to purchase a property.

Does age effect the loan period?

You can be no older than 75 / 80 years of age when the mortgage completes. If you are 60 years old then the maximum term is 15-20 Years. If you are unsure, get in touch.

What is the maximum LTV (Loan to value)?

Up to 70% for non Spanish residents
Up to 80% for Spanish residents

The value of the loan will be based on the property valuation or the property price, whichever is lower.

Can I release equity from my Spanish property?

Releasing equity or remortgaging an existing property in Spain is incredibly difficult since the financial crisis in 2009. It is not impossible, but every situation is different. Please get in touch to find out what your specific situation is

What documents do the banks require?

  • Copies of your Passport / NIE (for all parties that will be on the mortgage)
  • Your most recent tax declaration or P60
  • Your last three payslips
  • Details of other properties you own including any potential rental income
  • A bank statement of the last 6 month
  • An Experian credit report

Non-Resident Mortgages

If you a resident of a country other than Spain, then you can generally borrow up to 70% of the value of the property.

List of documents required to begin to apply for a mortgage in Spain.

  • Copy of your Passport / NIE
  • Most recent tax declaration / P60, 1040 etc
  • Last 3 payslips
  • Bank statement showing last 6 months movements
  • Details of properties you own including any potential rental income
  • An Experian credit report (UK Residents)


Resident Mortgages

If you a resident of Spain, then you can borrow up to 80% of the value of the property. Sometimes higher, but as a rule most banks will offer a maximum of 80%.

Below is a list of the documents you will need to provide in order to apply for a mortgage as a resident.

  • Passport / NIE
  • Declaration de renta
  • Last three payslips
  • Bank statement showing last 6 months movements
  • Details of other properties you own including any potential rental income

Peter Reilly

My wife Nicola and I bought our property in Lanzarote in December. Throughout the whole process Gareth and the team at Foxes we’re absolutely fantastic! I couldn’t recommend them enough.

They guided us through every step and a lot of bumps along the way. Nothing too much trouble and every issue dealt with and solved. The biggest thing is we trusted them and that was justified!! Thanks Gareth, Matt, Cristian and Alejandra.

Kenny Morris

These guys are very professional, speedy and do what they say they will do. They are a company I would recommend.

Experts on your side

We are a professional team of mortgage and legal experts. Approachable, transparent and fearless with the banks.

Can we meet?

Yes. Our offices are near Malaga. We deal with banks all over Spain

Are you regulated?

Yes, we are regulated by the bank of Spain as well as by the Madrid and Malaga Bar associations

Will I need documentation?

Yes. In order to receive an offer from the bank you will need to send us some documentation.

How much experience do we have?

Foxes started out fighting the banks for compensation on behalf of our customers. We have helped hundreds of people clean up their mortgages and get their money back. Along the road we have checked thousands of mortgages and are best placed to help with new mortgages.

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