About Foxes Finance & Legal

Foxes.es are Spanish Mortgage & Conveyancing Experts. We are a team of legal & financial professionals with years of experience helping non-residents & Spanish residents through the process of purchasing a property in Spain

Regulated Financial Brokers

Registration number D470.

The whole team has passed the banking exams set by the bank of Spain and has to take refresher courses every year.

The company itself also has to pass various tests and ensure we have the proper insurances to protect our customers.


Foxes was set up in 2015 as a legal company helping property owners claim back overpaid interest from their banks for ‘clausula suelo‘  Due to our expertise in mortgages, we noticed that many customers had been dealt with very poorly by other mortgage brokers, estate agents and banks and had ended up with mortgages which were costing them thousands of Euros more than they should.

In 2017 we expanded our legal services to offer property conveyancing, immigration services and business services.

In 2018 we used our contacts in the banks to begin securing the best deals possible for our customers, we work differently to other brokers and agents when offering finance and ensure that our customers are fully aware of all the terms and fees etc associated with the mortgage.

Why we are so different

Our priority is you, the customer. To ensure you get the best deal possible with the bank and that you are fully covered during the purchase process, from a legal perspective. 

This ensures that both our legal and mortgage service are 100% impartial and transparent and that our customers get the best possible service.

We will go above and beyond with all our customers, no problem or task is too small, after all buying a property is a very big deal in most people’s lives, especially in a foreign country.

We work as a team to get the job done quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of hassle to you the customer.


understanding which bank will give the best deal to our customers is a priority

Christopher Beall
Broker / Foxes.es

fanatical about customer support and ensuring customers are looked after.

Rocío Castillo León
Spanish lawyer at Foxes.es

has spent a large part of her career in court fighting for justice.

Alejandra Palmero Labrac
Spanish lawyer at Foxes.es

passionate about Spain and helping customers make the right choice

Gareth Bushell
Mortgage team at Foxes.es

buying a property in Spain should not be hard, we aim to simplify the process

Mathew Marsden
Marketing team at Foxes.es

Mortgage - Fees

There is no charge to get an official offer from a lender.

Once you accept an offer there is a one-off charge for a mortgage of €1,500* + IVA. Which includes bank account set-up, and we will organise the appointment for the valuation.

If you require help with your mortgage contracts, there is a fee of €500* + IVA.

There are no other hidden fees & charges.

Legal - Fees

Property purchase
1% of the purchase price + IVA (minimum €2,500)
Utility Change/Connection
€499 + IVA
Sale of property
0.8% of the sale price + IVA
Court Case
€2,500* + IVA
Golden Visa
€3,495 +IVA

NIE Number
€249 + IVA (€50 per extra person)
Power of attorney
Online $139, in Spain €65
Wills, inheritance planning, divorce procedures & tax
please contact us for pricing

advice & help

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