Spanish Mortgage Calculators

Below you will find a selection of calculators to help you work out your payments, eligibility and what property purchase price you should be looking at.

1. Payment calculator

Use the sliders to enter the financial details that match the property you are purchasing.


2. Income vs debt calculator

In order to understand how much you can borrow, you need to know what your mortgage score is. Anything over 40% will not qualify.

Debt payments

Credit cards, any loans & mortgages. Also, you need to include your future Spanish mortgage payments for the mortgage on the Spanish property (use the mortgage calculator to get this figure)

What is my score

Go one step further and find out what your score is and how likely you are to qualify for a mortgage in Spain

3. What is your purchase price?

Simply use the slider to enter how much you have saved towards your purchase and based on a maximum 70% mortgage plus 10% purchase costs the calculator will tell you what your maximum purchase price should be.

How to use the calculators to qualify for a mortgage in Spain

Use the above calculators to work out how much you can borrow to purchase your new home in Spain.

Mortgage Calculator

Use the calculator to work out what your monthly payments would be.

Purchase price

Enter the value of the property you would like to buy

Deposit Amount

Enter the % amount you will be paying yourself. If you are a resident of Spain the minimum amount is 20%, if not then it is 30%


Enter the term of the mortgage, the shorter the term the higher the repayments will be.

Mortgage Score

To work out how much you can borrow you need to know what your income to debt score is or mortgage score

What debts?

Credit cards, car loans, home improvement loans & mortgages

What does my score mean?

Banks in Spain will not lend if your income to debt ratio is above 40%, so if your score is above 40 then you will have to increase your income, or pay of some of your debts to get approved

Do not forget

You also need to include your future mortgage payments in your debt to income ratio, use the mortgage calculator to understand what those payments might be

Learn more about Spanish mortgages

We have put together some guides below to help answer some of your questions relating to mortgages and purchasing in Spain

Purchase Process

A buying guide for purchasing a property in Spain

Mortgage Services

Types of mortgages on offer, documents you need and some important questions 

How to guide

Everything you need to know about applying for a mortgage in Spain

General Mortgage Questions

Documentation, what you can borrow etc

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow depends on your debt to income ratio. Most Spanish lenders will not lend money if your combined outgoings (mortgages & loans) add up to more than 40% of your total income.

We have an in-house risk assessment team, that can help you understand what you can borrow. Get in touch here

Is there a fee to find out what I can borrow?

No, we do not charge to check what you can borrow, or even to get an official offer from one of our lenders. We only charge if you decide to accept an offer from the bank to purchase a property.

Does age effect the loan period?

You can be no older than 75 / 80 years of age when the mortgage completes. If you are 60 years old then the maximum term is 15-20 Years. If you are unsure, get in touch.

What is the maximum LTV (Loan to value)?

Up to 70% for non Spanish residents
Up to 80% for Spanish residents

The value of the loan will be based on the property valuation or the property price, whichever is lower.

Can I release equity from my Spanish property?

Releasing equity or remortgaging an existing property in Spain is incredibly difficult since the financial crisis in 2009. It is not impossible, but every situation is different. Please get in touch to find out what your specific situation is

What documents do the banks require?

  • Copies of your Passport / NIE (for all parties that will be on the mortgage)
  • Your most recent tax declaration or P60
  • Your last three payslips
  • Details of other properties you own including any potential rental income
  • A bank statement of the last 6 month
  • An Experian credit report


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